If you live in the area we call The Tri-State, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, you have probably heard this city pronounced several ways, and most of them are wrong.

Photo by: canva
Photo by: canva

Frommer’s knows plenty about the travel industry, and how easy it is to mispronounce words. I thought it was pronounced 'FROM-ERS'. It actually rhymes with Gomer or roamers. Frommer's recently released the ranking of the most mispronounced cities in America, and I was not surprised to see Louisville, Kentucky on the shortlist.

How to Pronounce: Louisville, Kentucky

I think that I was around 33 years old when I finally learned the correct way to pronounce Louisville, and that is only because I was living there. In Southern Indiana, we pronounce it LOOIE-VILLE. Like it's two words: This is Louie and here is his Ville. Well, that's wrong. It's also not pronounced LEWISVILLE.

Say it with me: LOO-uh ville...

@carsoncarby Yes, Louisville locals pronounce Louisville very specifically. But here’s how the locals pronounce it! Do people often say the name of your city wrong? #louisville#louisvilleky#kentucky#visitkentucky#ky#girlsborntotravel#visitlouisville♬ original sound - Carson | Female Travel Life

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