Summertime is festival time, so bring on the music. Seriously, gang, I have a couple of friends who fill up the entire first month of their summers attending music festivals. That's their thing. So I'm sure there are country music fans who do the same thing.

If that's the case, whoever they are, you'll likely see them in Rockport IN on the third weekend in July. Get ready for the Spencer County Indiana Music Fest, coming to the Spencer County Fairgrounds in Grandview July 19th and July 20th.

Spencer County Indiana Music Fest -- Day One

On July 19th, get situated for some amazing country music from the likes of Georgette Jones--daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette; western Kentucky's own Sean Stemaly; Kentucky Shine; Beginners Luck; Silly Rules; Cynthia Isbell; Yeager w/Willy B; Emma Grace; and a 90s and 2000s hitmaker whose very first release went all the way to #2 on the Billboard Country Chart:


A certain Owensboro and Daviess County favorite son will also take the stage July 19th:


Spencer County Indiana Music Fest -- Day Two

Get plenty of sleep (if that's possible), then wake up refreshed and ready for an exciting Saturday featuring singer/songwriter Anthony Smith ("If That Ain't Country"); southern Indiana's own Tammy Cassidy; Kevin Charles; Bosco France & Rusty Tabor; Marc Ridge; No-Governor; Bobby Clark & Tommy Stilwell; Hogbender; and Seth Thomas.

There will also be a performance from this Owensboro crowd pleaser:


Plus, you'll feast your ears on the music of a country star who's had 13 top 40 hits that include three #1 smashes--one of which ("Have You Forgotten?") spent seven weeks on top of the Billboard Country Chart:


And the band that gave us multiple top ten smashes in the 90s--including one of the funniest country hits of all time--will be ready to rock it out on the Spencer County Indiana Music Fest stage:


Spencer County Indiana Music Fest/Facebook
Spencer County Indiana Music Fest/Facebook

The festival's opening ceremony on July 19th will be by hosted inspirational country music artist, Owensboro's own Steve Bridgmon. Additionally, there will be a massive food court, a beer garden, and bounce houses for kids. All kids 12 and under are free. There will no coolers allowed at the event and you must be 21 to enter the beer garden.

Tickets and more information are available at

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