As busy as Nicolas Cage has been in the last 16 months, or so, I'm surprised I hadn't heard about this one until shooting wrapped.

I'm not kidding. Cage starred in SIX movies released in 2023 and can currently be seen on the big screen in the new horror thriller Arcadian.

Two other Cage films slated for a 2024 release are either complete and waiting for a date (The Surfer) or in post-production (Longlegs).

That's NINE movies in two calendar years, and still, none of them is the one he just finished filming in Cave City KY. And if you're scratching your head wondering why a film shot in Kentucky can be called a WESTERN, remember that the Hatfields/McCoys mini-series from a decade or so ago was ALSO called a western, and it was SET in Kentucky.

Anyway, it looks like Nicolas Cage WILL cut it off at three for 2024; the following report sheds light on release plans for the new film shot in south central Kentucky.

With this release, it seems that the Southern Kentucky Film Commission is aggressively romancing Hollywood about attractive shooting locations in the Commonwealth. Hart County Tourism CERTAINLY has plenty of good reasons to sing its praises.

The commission understands that Kentucky is fertile ground for filmmaking possibilities, and far more realistic ones, too. The best Hollywood set designers can work wonders, but there's nothing like the authenticity of location shooting.

Yes, we'll have to wait until 2025 to see the finished product AND familiar sites within that finished product. But I'd say it will be well worth the wait.

[SOURCE: WBKO-Bowling Green]

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