This cemetery in Illinois is said to be among the most haunted in the world.

Greenwood Cemetery

Located in Decatur, Illinois is a cemetery that's said to be extremely haunted.  This cemetery began officially in the mid-1800s, but burials are believed to have started in this area as far back as the early 1800s. Many places have dubbed this cemetery, the "most haunted in the world" due to the number of paranormal legends from this cemetery.   From the "devil's chair" to a weeping woman, we'll cover a couple of the most popular legends from Greenwood Cemetery.


The Weeping Woman on the Barrackman Steps

According to Weird History on YouTube, the weeping woman is often seen on the set of steps that are called the Barrackman steps.  These steps are a set of 5 concrete steps that lead up to the Barrackman family's graves. Locals claim that there is often a woman sitting among these steps and she often looks to be weeping.  Perhaps she's a relative mourning her loved ones?  Legend claims this woman disappears each evening after the sun sets.

The Legend of the Devil's Chair

The most notorious legend from the Greenwood Cemetery however is the legend of the devi's chair. shared the legend of the devil's chair as:

According to the legend of the Devil's Chair in Greenwood Cemetery, if you sit on the chair at a certain time, you can make a pact with the Devil.  You will get anything you want for seven years.  At the end of the seven years, the devil comes to claim your soul.


An Odd Sight but Not Really Spooky

While walking through the graveyard you may see this chair and think it looks a bit odd or out of place, but it's actually something called a mourning chair.  Mourning chairs were actually built as a place for mourners to sit when paying their respects to deceased loved ones.  So when you look at a mourning chair through this lens, it's not so spooky after all and it makes a lot of sense.

However, due to vandalism, very few mourning chairs remain in cemeteries today. Some superstitions claim that mourning chairs actually bring you good luck if you sit on them, and some superstitions claim mourning chairs will bring you bad luck.

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